We have Groupwise 8.02 SP2 and Mobility Sync 1.2 Build 730. I have always had a issue with two users that whenever I restart the services, the get deleted from the MobilitySync connector and I have to re add them and everything is fine. This is not the major portion of the problem.

Tuesday we had a hard power outage where everything went down. Since then, existing users mail is flowing to their devices fine, but when I went to re add the two users above, it takes forever to Sync-Validate their account (monitor page of mobilitySync). Now I'm finding mail still isn't going to their devices so I'm not too confident the Sync process worked fully.

We did not change any settings in Mobility or Groupwise and suspect I may need to restart the Post Office. I know I can check the mobility_Sync connector log, Groupwise Connector Log and Engine Log, but which would should show any errors (if there are) on connections to the Post office?

I suspect connections to the post office must be ok if the existing users are getting and sending email fine, there must be another process that goes on when Syncing the users account on setup?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,