I have a mesh configuration of BM38SP4 servers. 3 of which will at times
have the following show on the logger screen "javax.naming.NamingException
[Root exception is com.novell.service.jncp.NDSExcep
tion: ccode = -5 (0xfffffffb)]; remaining name ".

On 1 server, the message disappeared by itself.
On another, the message will not go away with a stopvpn/startvpn, or
restart (or so I think.). With a restart, it may be gone for awhile but
tends to reappear.
The 3rd server was restarted this morning and I have been monitoring it.

With these messages I have noticed that I do not get the VPNGetRootCert :
freeing PKI context message - or I just can't find it in the logger due to
the fact that I am losing so much info off the logger screen. Is there a
fix for this?