ZCM11.1a on Microsoft SQL 2008. I have a HP 6565b that has a fresh copy of
win7sp1 64 bit installed. Novell client 2sp2ir1. I had the system all ready
to go. everything works. after install of ZCM11.1a agent and after reboot I
get the following pop up box before login if I wait long enough or after
login. the title of the popup box is Wireless configuration. the message is
"notification dll has not been registered program will not work correctly".
The policies I have are a DLU , remote and NAL assigned to the device and a
very loose group policy assigned to the user. End Point is disabled in ZCM.
I don't have a subscription for it. when I take the agent off the error goes
away. installed the agent again. at the prompt to reboot when the
installation was done the message came back up. So I am convinced it is a
conflict with the agent. any ideas?