I've currently got issues with my primary server, so instead of going down the route of fixing it, to which I previously had a support call open with novell. I'm going to be moving it too another server that I've just installed in to my zone.

Just got a couple of question to see if anyone has done this before. I've not got any satellite servers and no bundle extras so I can go straight in at backing up the Internal CA and then placing it new server.

there does'nt seem to be any fallback plan in the documentation, so will snap shooting the 2 servers and the database server be okay there all in vmware?

after moving the CA to the new server do i have to change the DNS for the first primary to point to the IP of the new primary server?

I tried to open a call with novell to doo this but was told they would only assist if it went wrong, I've got no company that would aid support for me in the uk. As you can imaging I would prefer to do this right..

Any suggestions would be welcome thanks in advance