Hi All,

Just wondering whether anyone will be able to assist me - I need to get RBS working properly for iManager. If it helps, its iManager 2.7.4 on OES2 Linux on SLES 10 SP3.

I created a property book called "DNS DHCP Management" and added any object type that I thought was DNS DHCP related to it, then all the relevant tasks. Now DNS shows up in the side bar as does DHCP (NetWare), but the only thing that shows up is the property book i created earlier. So that tells me I need to create a property book for each set of tasks, which is fine. What property books are associated with what objects to manage in eDirectory?

At the moment, because I have just selected anything I thought was DNS and DHCP related, when clicking on the "DNS DHCP Management" option from the DHCP (NetWare) or DNS menus I simply get an object selector. From there I can pick any dns/dhcp related thing to manage, but the respective configurations for that particular object don't appear to show up. I just 2 columns, one that says "Valued Attributes" and the other that says "Unvalued Attributes".

I can move the attributes between columns, but thats all.

How do you set it up to actually work?? Is there a default configuration for the RBS that can be used or is missing or something? Surely you don't have to go through this to configure RBS for DNS DHCP.