We had a pretty major issue in our VMWare environment this past thursday (possibly due to the solar flares ;-) ) and what I'm starting to see now is that I'm having some issues getting new machines to register. All the servers in the environment went inactive and part of the fix to get them all up required us to delete the NICs from vSphere and re-create them. I have confirmed DNS connectivity between all servers in the Zone and from several workstations. Our environment consists of two primaries, an external sybase and one reporting server. I usually use the agent from the first primary to do all of my installations, however, this agent no longer works. It installs, but every machine that comes up with it lists the Management Zone, Server DNS and Server Address all as unavailable. Upon trying the agent off the second primary, I got a machine to register to it properly, but now I see the following in the ZCC:

Message ID: ZMD.CertificatesDoNotMatch
The certificate presented by the server does not match the known certificate for host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.

I'm seeing this message with the IP addresses of both primary servers. Is this an issue with the cert that's in the agents, or an issue with the certs being presented by the servers and what do I have to do to remedy the situation. I have no issues browsing to the ZCC on either server and so far none of the machines that are already in the zone are displaying any issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.