Hopefully someone out there has has a similar issue and can help me out with this...

My issue is, I am trying to run Eclipse IDE with the Android ADT plugin for our computer labs, but I keep getting an error from the debugger. I have been able to narrow down the issue to the Zenworks 11.1 agent on Windows 7. When uninstalled everything works fine. I have also been able to get the program to work if I end the ZESM service. I can't seem to keep that service disabled after a reboot and from what I have read I do not want to do that. I do not have Endpoint Security Management installed, these are just the components that are automatically installed with the agent.

It seems (from what I understand) that the Eclipse debugger (DDMS) is trying to make a loopback connection with the Android emulator, but is being blocked. I have turned off the Windows Firewall and anti-virus to confirm these are not the issue. I have also changed the port that the DDMS uses.

I need help quick, because I have one week to get this software bundled and applied to our computer labs and uninstalling the agent is not an option. Has anyone run into this issue or a similar problem? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.