I'm trying to understand why the user login isn't working correctly in this scenario:

- Primary Server: Windows 2008 R2 x64
- ZENworks Configuration Management 11.1a
- Lab Workstation: Windows 7 SP1 x64
- User source configured to ActiveDirectory

This ActiveDirectory is particular because we have a top domain called DC=CORP,DC=ORG,DC=COM, and two child domains called DC=USERS,DC=CORP,DC=ORG,DC=COM and DC=SERVERS,DC=CORP,DC=ORG,DC=COM. All these domains are in the same forest but the users and the servers are in separated domains.

The Primary Server is on a domain and all users are in the other domain.

I can't establish the connection using SSL because this AD doesn't have any certificate so I'm using port 389.

It's curious because I can add Administrators from the User Source to ZCC and they can login, but in workstation or in server, appears the ZEN window login asking for password, and when you try to login it shows an error like "unable to login for invalid credentials or server certificate".

Which user source I have to configure? I suppose it's the DC=USERS,DC=CORP,DC=ORG,DC=COM...

It could be a problem not using SSL connection?

Thanks in advance