Hi everyone,
Have been having some fun deciphering the docs on SMT as well as the forum threads, so figured time for a new thread to get some clear answers

1. Can SMT run on the same box as OES2?
2. What SLES version can I run it on? SLES docs mention SMT 10 SP2 and Novell docs mention SMT 10 SP3, what about SP4??
3. What products can each version of SMT act as a mirror for, eg can an SMT 10 SP3 server mirror SLES 10 SP4, or are you limited by the SMT versions? And can SMT 10 mirror SLES 11.x repositories

We will likely at least temporarily have a mix of SLES 11.x, OES2 SP2 and OES2 SP3 servers which we want to update using SMT rather than online

It's all just very confusing and not clear at all, lots of smoke and mirrors... would be nice if Novell had an official answer or at least updated their doco or support lists / install documentation...