Hello all,

I am seeing in the looger screen several CSAUDIT Major error messages that
read, Cannot complete the "open" operation 0X20064.

I found another site (written response by Caterina Luppi)that referenced
disabling all of the auditing using CSAUDIT, then remove calls to BM in the
autoexec.ncf file (I have rem the Startbrd and vpmaster) and restart the
server. I then need to delete the contents of SYS:System\CSLIB.

I am posting this note in the VPN area because I have done these things but
CSAUDIT still loads and I believe it is because I have a VPN adapter

I then manually unload CSAUDIT and then delete the contents of the CSLIB
folder (I can not delete the folder under logs\smlogs, it tells me there is
a sharing violation when I try to delete them). Now it looks like the
problem is reoccuring.

What are my next steps?

Steve D.