Hi all, i have some problem when i try to install OES 11 on my HP Server..

So here is the case :
1. I have installed this server with netware 6.5 sp8 to my existing tree, and then i need to remove this server from tree and make it as a dedicated tree(different tree that i have before). I get the method to remove this server from Cool Solutions: Removing a NetWare 6.5 Server from the tree and everything works fine.
2. After removal, i tried to install my hp server with oes.. i get the method to install the oes from Important Notice and i got troubled in partitioning disk

Trouble in partition disk :
1. In my server, i have two hard disk attached to my server.. Let say the 1st hard disk attached to port 1 and 2nd hard disk attached to port 2
2. In the partitioning step, i should have two LUN (one for SLES and the other for NSS), but i just only have one LUN on the installation progress.. I completed the installation progress but i cant make pools and volume because there is no device i could made pool
3. I tried to remove the 1st hard disk from port 1 and tried to installed again.. then i got the same result with point 2(No device to create Pools). Then i attached 1st harddisk to port 1 and remove 2nd hard disk from port 2 and tried to installed it again but the result i got was same with the other installation i done. I assumed both my harddisks and harddisk port in my server does not have any problem.
4. I attached both harddisk to harddisk port and erase partition disk from bios setup (Menu Restore/Erase Partition Disk) and tried to installed again, but the result i got was same with other installation i've done.

I really confused about what i have to do.. i really appricated with any reply and help..