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Thread: Closest Server not changing

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    Closest Server not changing

    I cant get the Closest Server Role to switch back and forth consistently using Locations in ZCM11.
    I have locations setup basically with all of our internal DNS servers (setup as a Network Environment) listed for an Internal location and everything else goes to the Unknown location. I have a DMZ server set to the Unknown location and the Primary set to the Internal location with the "Exclude the Closest Server Default Rule" checked.
    Monitoring the Configuration Location on the client I see it switch back and forth between Internal and Unknown which is great. The Servers tab on the client does not want to switch to the DMZ server.

    If I install the ZCM client off the internal network it connects up to the Unknown location and lists the DMZ servers and connects just fine. Everything from there works great...inventory, bundles, etc.
    If I bring the laptop into the internal network it switches it's location and switches to the Internal primary server as it should and works fine. At that point if I take it back off the Internal network it will switch the Location (according to the client) but not the server it is trying to connect to....this is my problem...lol.

    If I setup the client on the Internal network it will never switch to the DMZ server once taken off the Internal network.

    So to sum it up: The Configuration Location on the client always switches as it should. The Servers tab on the client seems to get stuck on the Internal server once it is connected to it.
    As far as I can tell I have everything set up right and the clients should be able to dynamically switch locations and servers once on and off the internal network...right?
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