I'm very afraid off a problem we have:

First of all, what we wanted to do :2 of our Servers should get out of the
VPN configuration because 2 Partners get out of our System and put these
Servers back to us.

The Situation now: The Servers are connected localy to our system without
VPN and they could ping every other server in the system. The other
VPN-Servers outside couldn't ping these 2 Servers (we think it is always a
VPN - Problem) but they could sometimes communicate sometimes not.
Because of further problem what is solved now our NDS is not really
synchronised and to synchronise our system the servers have to communicate
We killed one of this servers out of the VPN-configuration in iManager and
put the secured network to our master-server, but the VPN-Servers could
still not communicate.

Has anyone an idea what we could do to get the Servers back to
communication or could I look somewhere els for an error in configuration?

Thanks for any help.