Hi Guys,

We have a ZCM 11 SP1 setup, with 2 x Primary Servers and currently 7 x secondary servers.

In our WAN monitoring we are seeing continuous traffic from our secondary servers to our primary server, in the range of 38GB in the last 24hrs from a single secondary server.

Upon further investigation, I've found in the zmd-messages.log that it is failing to successfully upload the collection information to the primary server, it continuously reports;

[DEBUG] [03/15/2012 07:37:56.678] [7120] [ZenworksWindowsService] [39] [] [ZenCache] [] [(Thread 39) Call to PutFile was aborted by the user] [] []

We have a case open with Technical Support, but currently they're being as helpful as a heater in a data centre. I'm hoping they come good, but in the mean time, thought I would see if anyone around here has any ideas?

I've tried numerous ZAC commands, such as clearing cache, also tried restarting servers/services, but still no luck. Some get through, others fail. There is no pattern to it, but we don't seem too be able to get all information uploaded. It is trying to upload the files to http://parent-server/zenworks-fileupload/ and that is where its fialing. I can hit that URL without problem, and confirmed there are no connection issues between primary and secondary.

Any ideas/help would be much appreciated.