Just updated to ZCMSP1a, and went to deploy the agent to existing ZCM
desktops. Experiencing "Credentials invalid. Please ensure that Classic file
sharing is enabled on the target device" error during the deployment. Unable
to generally remote control the devices. It appear as though the ZESM
firewall is blocking access.. I have read through numerous posts and
documentation, and many of them refer to the ZESM policy setting which is
not available in this installion of ZCM (a basic install). During the
installation we were never asked about the ZESM either an evaluation install
or licensing. I am in the process of testing at one PC by performing a
manual removal of the original ZCM11 adaptive agent to see if we can deploy
to a clean PC. After that I am not certain of removing the original adaptive
agent from all of the desktops as being a simple task. Any ideas or
experience wth this would be greatly appreciated.