Running BM3.8 SP5 on NW6 SP5, and *suddenly* one remote user can't use
VPN. It worked last Friday, didn't work on Monday with no changes on
the server at all. He was running VPN client 3.8.7 and I had him update
to 3.8.15 but that didn't change the error:

"Failed receiving server DH public value. The connection was terminated
at the authentication gateway."

I see a TID about scm.jar that matches this, but *why* would it suddenly
start for ONE user (two others, in two other locations, still have no
problem getting in, both using the same original VPN client and/or
3.8.15). No changes or work have been done on the Netware server all
during this time, and yet it changed over a weekend to not-working for
this one user that it has always worked for.

And since updating the client didn't fix it, and the server is not yet
on edir 8.8, what could be the reason for the sudden error?

Thanks for any insight.

-- DE