We are working with Vmware VDI linked clones. The clones are windows XPsp3 and our zenserver is a 11.1 appliance.
To register workstation we created a user at the zcm server.
To display an icon filled application window its needes to register the workstation. We created a batchjob with te following syntax :
"C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin\zac.exe" reg -g https://vws73.vlaardingen.nl -u reguser -p password.
This batchjob is called at the "Guest customization" tab in the field Post-synchronization script in the vmware view administrator.

When the desktop is cloned, the batchjob will run at the first login of the user.
The user will get a unfilled application window, but after the second login the screen will appear filled.

How to accomplish this?