on 2 BM Slave S2S + C2S servers I have the problem, that routing information gets messed up
each time VPN gets initialized (startvpn, startbrd), a reinitialize system doesn't harm.

one of them has "respawning" obsolete network routes, those I overlayed with same network,

The other one is just the opposite: newly added network routes dissappear.

Both of them were also used for SKIP C2S dialin, that's not used any more. Craig mentioned, that
there might be the possiblity, that bogus info in the legacy VPN part might be the cause of
all this trouble.

There is a S2S VPN from both of them to the same master server here, new style BM3.8 S2S
VPN for "separate trees". What happens, when I just use

vpncfg > Remove VPN Server Configuration

to get rid of all the legacy stuff, **WITHOUT** damaging the other VPN server functions?

Regards, Rudi.