Is there a way (and how) to run Console One through Citrix such that it's ready to go and the user doesn't have to log in?

We've tried setting up a VM with the only app being Console One 1.3.6h. The NetWare Client (4.91 SP5 ( is installed and the server is logged into eDir and AD as an admin-equivalent user we setup just for this. We then attempt to share it out as a published application in our Citrix 6.5 farm. The application DOES run, but it asks for an eDir login. It also cannot find the eDir trees (we have two).

Maybe I misunderstand how this is all supposed to work, but if the server is logged in and capable of running Console One without even prompting the user for credentials, what's keeping it from offering Console One to the Citrix user that way?

Thanks for any info.