Mirroring the same setup that's been working on a OES2sp3 the past few
months (output to a csv), I did the same setup on a pair of new OES11
systems (fully patched up to date) and initially got appropriate
entries in the destination file. (That was yesterday)

In getting ready for final data migration this weekend, I check the
logs and in /var/log/messages I find the following two lines repeating
every approximately 1 minute (plus or minus 10 seconds)

Mar 15 20:05:19 fs1 vlog: Err[VLOG_MAIN_SignalRegisterHandler(150)]
Signal[15] has a SIG_IGN flag.
Mar 15 20:05:19 fs1 vlog: Err[main(1204)]
VLOG_MAIN_SignalRegisterHandler(SIGTERM) reports: 6

and the vlog destination file is now empty AND vlog isn't running

If I restart vlog (directly or with a reboot) I can get results for a
little bit, but then they disappear and those messages start up again
in /var/log/messages

I haven't been able to find anything about those error messages, and I
confirmed that my vlog options are still all the same meaning as they
had in OES2


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