Hello all,

I have three servers which I have clean installed to OES 11 (SLES11 + OES11). Two of these servers are able to update without issues, however the third is giving the following error.

There was an error in the repository initialization.
Parse error: repoindex.xml[4] Char 0x0 out of allowed range

Upon clicking the only option to that warning message [Ok]

I get the following

No update repository
configured yet. Run configuration workflow now?
[Yes] [No]

I've re-run the workflow to register several times now, all with the same result. I've followed TI 3303599 to reset the ZEN updater and customer center key again running the registration after with the same result. Odd thing is in the customer center I do see the registered server under my products > systems.

I know there are ample updates available for this server, any ideas how to flush this so I can properly update this server?