using ZCM we have the following scenario:

Windows7 pro 64 bit Clients.
Novell Client, DLU - no roaming Profile.

sysprep copyprofile Method to create a default Profile to make the initial Login faster.

When i try to enable Folder Redirect with the old coolsolutions ADM (David Brightman) through ZCM policy i randomly see this error :"No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. "

It seems to be connected to the "hanging profile folder" symptom i.e. the user will be removed but profile Folders remain like this:

I assign the device to the ZCM Windows Group Policy.

i couldnt provoke this error when editing the LGPO directly on the Machine using the adm.

The workaround would be not to use the ZCM Windows Group Policy but instaed edit the LGPO. (maybe use a bundle and apply_lgpo_delta.exe)

Another Question: are Group Policy Preferences (GPP) possible with ZCM?

best regards