Sometime in the past couple months some of our VPN users have been
unable to login on the VPN. No server changes that I'm aware of had
been made between the time it worked and when it started to not work.

I am one of those users, I had been able to login in the past but not
anymore. I can login to VPN using another VPN account on the same
machine, so I know it isn't inherently a client problem. (variety of
client versions involved including 3.8.12.

It isn't context specific, but most problem users are in the same
context, but some others in that same context are ok.

The failure message is:
Failed NMAS authentication
Please check username and context or hardware configured for NMAS (if
any) or NMAS credentials

Failure take somewhere around 90 seconds. If I purposefully enter an
incorrect password it fails in about 10 second with a NDS Login
Internal Error.

Successful logins into the VPN take about 20 seconds.

Any ideas what is going on and how to fix it? No errors during

Server is NW6.5sp5 with post sp5 patches

BM 3.8sp5 (Applied sp5 over the weekend in an attempt to resolve the
issue (and others) and be up to date in case a service request needs to
be filed. it was sp4ir5)

Edir (also updated over the weekend, it was

Backward compatibility is not being used, we made everyone update and
use NMAS.

also, there was a problem with the plugins on that server (didn't show
the vpn tasks), but those resolved themselves after the latest patch
was applied.

Thank you,