Hi all: We still run one NW6.5sp8 server. This server runs BM 3.9 and acts as our external GW domain, hosting gwia and webaccess, both bound on the public interface of the BM server. We DO NOT plan on replacing BM anytime soon unless we have issues with security vulnerabilities or incompatibility with OES11 in the future.

I need to start thinking out upgrading our GW 8.0.2 system to GW 2012. Since GW 2012 is linux only, I will need to move gwia and webaccess off of the BM server, and I want to do this now before upgrading to 2012. The problem is I have never done this before and really don't understand all that is needed. Do I still need an external domain if all components run on the same machine? Is this even a good idea?

Thanks, Chris.