Good afternoon, I'm working with my customer on an issue in respect to LDAP contextless log in, and how this service gets broken when they turn off allow anonymous binds for security reasons. Please see the contained information below, please let me know if this is not the correct forum.

I have directed them to the following,

Novell Documentation

Taking things out of context: Using LDAP Contextless login in your network.

Also used TID 10090499 (which I was unable to locate on the Novell support site any longer), but I did have the steps written down in a number of places.

Here is the message from the customer.

"I have done all of this. I have also checked the LDAP proxy user using my Apache Directory studio and it gives me a LDAP error 48 - Anonymous Simple Bind disabled. We are on the ldap server object bind restrictions using disallow anonymous simple binds as part of our security measures.

We tested this back in October and it worked on a test ldap server (DC1-NDS3) that we were using. I tested last week and it didn't work there anymore either. I have been really trying to think about what we changed and I looked back in our old tickets and we upgraded eDirectory on the primary servers and one of those is where we did the initial test. I looked at the patches and what was fixed in the upgrades but can not find anything on why LDAPS will not function in this manner now. "

Any ideas or thoughts?