I cannot get any of the DAU agent bundles to replicate to a "Child" server I have in our DMZ. Under Bundles, ZPM, DAU....for example: Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x86_64-en-WIN7sp1. Under Settings. Primary Server Replication on that bundle I see my Primary and Child server and the Primary says Available and the Child says Unavailable.
Under Configuration, Content Replication I have the "Primary Server recurring content replication schedule" set to 1 hour. I also have under Configuration, Subscription Download:
Specify whether patch bundle content will automatically replicate to other servers
Cache patch bundles to satellite servers (Checked)
Cache patch bundles to primary servers (Checked)

Alot of my bundles if not all are replicated to this server (show available) but what can I do to force these to replicate?