we have a plan to move from ZCM 10.3 to ZCM 11.0 ( not SP1 ), due to the limitation I do not have a SQL 2008 R2.

current environment...

ZCM 10.3 Windows 2008 Server with embedded sybase db

upgrade "to" environment...

ZCM 11.0 Windows 2008 Server with MsSQL 2005 db

i have successfully upgraded ZCM itself to version 11.0 with embedded sybase database however i'd like to move it into MsSql 2005 db.

is there any tools i can use for this? i had a look into the doc "Migrating Data from the internal Sybase Database to an MS SQL Database" from novell.

after i ran "novell-zenworks-configure.bat -c DBMigrateConfigureAction" its asking me to input the target database type which suppose to be (sql-server) according to

the doc, however when i type it in it return invalid database type. ( it seems like it only accept oracle )


any tips for me? or perhaps a different way of doing the db migrate.

i'm running all these in a VMware environment

Thank you,