I have successfully modified the Windows login background to include some system information. In order for the changed wallpaper to take effect I need to refresh the Winlogon desktop. I'm able to do this by having the script I have that runs BGInfo to update the background information kill the logonui.exe and restart it. However this results in a black screen, that is restored with a CTRL+ALT+DEL. I would prefer this to not be the condition - a black screen that a user would need to know to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to "activate" the login screen. So...

A) is there a better way to effect a wallpaper refresh of the login screen?
B) is there a programmatic why to effect a CTRL+ALT+DEL sequence? I've read where this isn't possible, yet VNC (for example) is able to send a C+A+D key sequence to a VNC server so that one could login to a machine, so there must be *some* method for doing this.

I'm looking for some creative minds to help me resolve the last piece of my BGInfo-logon-wallpaper puzzle.