I'm trying to setup a cron job to reload my dsfw services on a somewhat
regular basis.

The entry I have in my /etc/crontab is as follows:

* 10 * * 1-5 root /opt/novell/xad/bin/xadcntrl reload >>
/root/cron/xad.log 2>&1

The command seems to start normally, but I get the following in the log

/opt/novell/xad/bin/xadcntrl: line 121: rcrpcd: command not found
/opt/novell/xad/bin/xadcntrl: line 172: rcxad-krb5kdc: command not found
/opt/novell/xad/bin/xadcntrl: line 189: rcxad-kpasswdd: command not
/opt/novell/xad/bin/xadcntrl: line 206: rcxadsd: command not found

This happens on both the unload & reload portions. I'm guessing it's a
path issue within cron as the command works fine from the console
logged in as root, what do I need to do to get this working correctly?

I have issues w/ dsfw services 'flaking out' every 5-10 days, so I'd
like to get this cron entry going to just restart dsfw services
regularly to keep them from 'hanging'.