I have File Reporter installed in my network and I have the NFRagentncp installed on one of my OES servers. The server is SLES 10 sp4/OES2 sp3 32-bit. When ever I run the scan in NFRadmin I get a message that says "Scan collection failed for Storage Resource: Volume may be offline or removed". The volume is loaded as I can access it. The NFRproxy user has full rights including Supervisor to the volume so that should override any IRFs that are in there.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have tried this on 4 SLES/OES servers so far and 1 works but the 3 others do not. I have checked the settings and they are all the same as well. I know it also says to verify that there is enough space on the host machine where the agent is installed to store the scan in the compressed and uncompressed form. The server has 32 GB of space left so I don't know how much space a scan takes up. Would this be enough space and does it only store the scan info temporarily on this agent server until the scan is finished and then transfer to the server where the engine is?