We have a BM3.8 server as our Master with a BM3.8 and a BM3.6 set as Slaves
- a typical VPN setup but as a legacy VPN which has worked fine for us.

Here is the issue: A suer logs into the Master with the VPN client (as a C2S
user) and can access the files on the Master server's network (
just fine but he cannot login to the Slave network's ( files.

Here's what part of his normal login script looks like:

map root h:=\data:\

map root i:=\data:\

which is what he uses when he is at the MAster site. He can access all files
on both networks just fine. Is there a way he can do this while logged into
the VPN with the VPN client from home? He isn't getting to the slave site.

(Yes, I know, we are planning a top down rebuild this summer to redo the
entire architecture to the new BM VPN format!)