I have a Netware 6.5SP6 server with BM3.8SP5. I have recently added
certificate support. This is working fine with the BM3xVPN16 client. I
can not seem however to get this working with the Cisco VPN software. I
imported my certificate (obtained thru the Novell VPN client and through
logging in as the user and exporting the certificate) gave it a new
password (and tried the original password set during the “Get
Certificate”) added the connection, and I keep getting errors.

I have enabled “all users/certificate authentication”, just to get the
connection to work. I have set up 1 traffic rule for the user that I am

The Cisco client messages show:

414 - Cert verification succeeded.
415 - IKE port in use – Local Port = 0x01F4, Remote Port = 0x01F4
416 - Established Phase 1 SA. 1 Crypto Active IKE SA, 0 user
Authenticated IKE SA in the system.
417 - Marking IKE SA for deletion… reason = DEL_REASON_NON_UNITY_PEER

Any help would be appreciated