I recently kept a VPN connection active for several days, along with an
rconj connection to a remote server. This worked just fine at the time.

Now I cannot connect to this server again. I get "authenticating user"
as expected, followed by "Negotiating and Authenticating" but it doesn't
get further than that. It spends literally several minutes trying this
step before timing out.

I can say with some certainty that this problem is only between my
workstation and this one server. We have a second VPN server at the
same client site and I can connect to that one normally. I have also
verified that other users can connect to both addresses without
incident. The problem is only me with this one server.

I'm wondering if something/someone, either at the VPN server or perhaps
even at an ISP along the way, noticed the length of the connection and
decided that, for some reason, it needed to be blocked.

Suggestions appreciated as I need this to work again (although I'm glad
to have the second server for access for now). VPN client 3.11.16.

Thanks in advance.