Could not modify ARCserve Job, Received ‘Failed to login to the Agent’, even though the user and password were correct.

• ARCserve running on a NW5 server, NWAgents running on NW6.5 servers.
• ARCserve Manager running on an XP workstation

Each time I attempted to modify an ARCserve Job on my XP workstation, I was able to see files on the NW5 server (where ARCserve resides), but could not open any volumes on any remote servers where NWAgents were running. ARCserve Manager shows IP address of for the remote servers.

Here is the solution to the problem.

I lost my initial writeup and this is done from memory.

To get this to work, I did the following:

1) Make sure the HOSTS file on the ARCserve server contains the IP addresses of all of the servers as well as the IP addresses of the workstation where ARCserve Manager runs.

2) Make sure the HOSTS file on the workstation contains the addresses of the servers.

3) Run Regedit. All entries are in the following HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Computer Associates\BrightStorARCserve\Backup\Base.

4) Under ASmgr\AgentNodeAddress\IPAddress - modify/add the following values:

a) \\< RemoteServer1> <IP Address of Remote Server 1>
b) \\< RemoteServer2> <IP Address of Remote Server 2>
c) <ARCserve Server> <IP Address of ARCserve Server>

I had to add the IPAddress key and I also remove the SPXAddress key.

5) Under ASmgr\ClientAgent Node Address\NETWARE Agent - modify/add the following values:

a) <IP address of remote server 1> <RemoteServer1>*0
b) <IP address of remote server2> <RemoteServer2>*0

Substitute <fields> with your values for your servers. The capitalization of the registry entries may not be correct, as well as whether there are blanks or not in the key fields. But you will get the idea.

When I completed this, I was able to see good IP addresses for my NWAgent servers instead of the And I was able to expand the volumes and see all of the files. And I was able to modify the jobs to add additional files.