I've had ZCM 10 (10.3.4) running in our main office (San Francisco, for many, many months. Now, I'm attempting to deploy a satellite server in Salt Lake City ( They were running ZFD7 before, on netware. Now I have a windows XP VM (XPSLC hostname) with ZCM Agent on it that I enabled Satellite on.

So, imaging and everything has been working great here in SF. Under Configuration > Preboot Services, I have a hardware rule that simply says if RAM > 0 , apply my "/Bundles/XP Base Image" which is a scripted image setup.

My question is, how do I configure something similar for the SLC office? I understand that images do not replicate, which is fine. I can manually copy the files to the satellite VM. I want to be sure that when a computer in SLC boots up to PXE, that the XPSLC machine answers and gives it the local image files. Obviously dont want it to use the files located in SF.

Should I also create a "/Bundles/SLC/SLC Base Image" script???

Thanks for help/thoughts!