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Thread: .app packages being delivered corrupted

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    Cool Re: .app packages being delivered corrupted

    Quote Originally Posted by Pvedha View Post
    Hi Black,

    I tried with the zipped format of the same application and even I could observe that the folder size grows eventually and later it dips down to zero KB after the install completion. But when i used the Install Directory to install the application i am not seeing any issue. It has successfully installed and i am able to launch the application without any issues.

    The difference what i observed is that, when i set the Permission mode to 644(which is the default) i am observing the issue as mentioned by you. But later when i changed the permission mode to 777 i could get the install file action working perfectly. Let me know if you can get the app working by changing the permission mode to 777.

    But i will still investigate on why the app doesnt work with the permission mode 644.


    Veda, thanks for the pointer. I had been looking at the get info window for the permissions, trying to replicate the standard in /Applications. Of course all three users should have execute permission. Looking at the permissions in terminal gives the true permissions. It's strange that zcm deletes the content if execute isn't enabled!

    So now I have set as rwx, rx and rx and the app delivers ok.
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