Hi all: I just moved our webaccess server from our old bordermanager server (gateway in a secondary domain) to our groupwise server 8.0.2 (primary domain) behind the firewall. I did this as we will be decommissioning our BM server sometime in the future. Webaccess now runs on an OES2 sp3 server.

I have WebAccess setup the running, but for some reason I cannot get SSL working with the correct certificate. Currently webaccess is using the server certificate from our internal CA, while I want it to use a signed certificate from godaddy. I have setup the webaccess gateway with the godaddy signed certificate (pfx) via consoleone. This is how I had set it up when it was running on our BM server. However, webaccess is not using the godaddy certificate.

I am no SSL expert and just do it enough to get by, like once every 2 years.

Thanks for the assistance, Chris.