I'am a bordermanager newbie, but read carefully Craig Johnson's BM book
(fine, isn't it ?), but do not succeed in creating a very simple VPN

My installation is like this _

a) An internal network 192.168.0.x/
b) A Netware server 6.5 (latest patch) at (private interface,
which is simultaneously my Bordermanager Server (3.8, latest patch) (two
Ethernet Card).
c) A BM public interface at 192.168.1.x/
d) A ADSL router (with NAT) at connected to the public
interface of the server and to Internet
e) A laptop to test VPN connection with client 4.91 sp3 with VPN

My idea is to test the VPN connection (at this stage without the Internet
part) by connecting physically my laptop to the "public" network of my
server 192.168.1.X and specify in my NW Client the address as
VPN server. I configured my VPN server as master server according to Craig
Johnson's information. My first goal is to succeed in creating physically
a VPN connection (then, in a second step, a successfull login).

If I trie to connect using the backward compatibility method, the VPN
connection seems sucessufull (I can from my laptop ping hosts on my
internal network, including my server's public and private interfaces),
but my novell login is not sucessfull.

If I use the preferred NMAS method, no VPN connection is successfull (and
no login accordingly). My first goal is to create a simple successfull VPN
connection with NMAS.

I think that the Client on the Laptop receive the information from the VPN
server (in particular the IP address). I dont think it is a problem of
security policies (VPN connection works with backward compatibility method.

Any idea where I'm wrong ?

Thank in advance !