Testing out mounting NW 6.5 SP8 server from a macintish using SMB versus AFP.. I can successfully mount the server via AFP and also with SMB. When I mount the server via AFP the mounted server shows the complete server name appended with the volume name ie (testserver.vol1).. if I mount the same server and volume via SMB is simply mounts as VOL1 (no server name)..

If i use Imanager and change the CIFS properties of the server to add shares for the volumes (ie add testserver.vol1) and then restart cifs, I cannot log into the server anymore (it reports back that a unexpected error has occurred - error code -50)..If I delete the added shared and let the server simply report the default names, and then re-start CIFS, I can again login to the server

anyone have any ideas ??
Thanks in advance