I am tearing my hair out on this one. I have tried every client from Novell Client SP1 IR8 to the newest Novell Client 2 SP2, newest IR, and I cannot get the drives to map on an initial login. If I go to the red N in windows 7 (In the new task bar) right click and loginm no problems...but if I reboot, and login to novell, and into the computer, drives will not map, they only map from the desktop.

I have tried:

1. All newest novell clients (Novell client 2 SP2 newest IR packs)
2. Some old windows 7 novell clients (Novell Client 2 SP1 IR7 and above)
3. Loaded GPEDIT.msc, LOCAL COMPUTER-->Administrative Templeates-->System Settings-->Scripts-->Run Login Scripts Syncronously
4. Tried Totally uninstalling and reinstalling Windows 7 client(s)

Well, still no dice..any suggestions...torches are being lit