I have a few comments about the Sp2 VM appliance. No show stoppers, just

1) The hypervisor requirement is ESX(i) 4.1 Update 1, yet the VM
version is 4 instead of 7. If the 4.1U1 is the minimum, consider shipping
the ova as version 7.

2) Along the same lines, consider shipping with VMNEXT3 NIC and
Paravirtual disk as default. 4.1U1 supports both, and SUSE 11sp1 includes
both drivers by default. The performance difference is measurable.

3) The CD/DVD drive was set to host device, emulate IDE. It should
probably default to Client device and Passthrough IDE.

4) The Floppy was set to host device, and should probably default to
Client device too.

5) Last but not least, consider prompting for some/all of the
information as part of the ova deployment. That is, like other ova's I've
deployed, have it ask upfront for IP, host name, etc. and then stream the
info to the installer.