Dear forum members,

I would like your advice on setting up a new server.

Currently on Netware 6.5 Sp8

Want to install new server on linux, but need your advise on how to install. i am thinking about running xen.
For storage i will be using a raid array for NSS volumes.

1) Is it possible to install nows sbe para virtually ?
2) or if virtually ; how would i get NSS to work ?
3) If running on Xen is possible, would I need to install Sles or oes on bare metal ?
4) if above will not work, is nows sbe 2.5 able to run xen ?
5) i have read post saying running on xen is possible only automated scripts do not work, can anybody confirm for 2.5 ?
6) do you advice me to run the automatic scripts ? or install all products manually ?

Thanks in advance, Stephan