We've had issues where seemingly at random a user will be unable to unlock the workstation with their eDirectory credentials with the following error.

"The network password cannot be validated at this time because the connection to the Novell network was lost. Please enter the password for the Windows account to unlock the computer now, or wait and try the network password again later."

We think this is related to an old NICI issue with DLU users, as per http://www.novell.com/support/viewCo...6402&sliceId=1

IF we manually reset the permissions on the users nici folder they are once again able to unlock their workstation, however the "EnableUserProfileDirectory" regkey does not appear to be effective under windows 7, we tried entering it at HKLM\software\novell\nici and HKLM\software\Wow6432Node\Novell\Nici but neither resolved the issue.

Has anyone come across this issue, I'd raise an SR but sadly am unable to do so. We're running Win7 SP1 x64, Client 2 SP2 IR1 and ZCM 11 SP1 and our users are all DLU.