Hello, We have has a long term issue where local accounts are not removed after users logout. I have changed to Volatile user which is set for a two day time period, I have checked the local logins on some of our machines and user accounts and their respective files are not removed from the local machine.

When a user logs in again to a machine the local profile is used, which is sometimes broken (as it looks as if it has been successfully cleared) which the corrupts the profile on the netware home drive causing a domino effect. The only solution we have at the moment is to net user /delete the local user and clear the profile on the home drive.

Can anybody assist in correcting this issue.

Server: sles11.1 zenworks 11.2
Pcs: Win 7 32 bit, agent 11.2 Client 2sp2 ir2, DLU & Roaming Profiles
User home drives: mixture of nw65sp8, sles11.1 oes11

(I have posted before and commented upon other threads, now a new sp and client ir have been released I thought I would obtain the views of the forum again.)