Can someone point me to the right places to check my configs or chapters in the manuals to read to make sure my systems are fully redundant? I am running Zen 11.2 (upgrade from 11.1a went very smoothly) on SLES 11 sp1. I have 4 primary servers, including one that has reporting installed on it. Last weekend for non-Zen related issues, our first primary server was shut down over night. I was of the understanding that this should have no impact on my users and the other primaries would take over. Lo and behold, the pager started going off with reports of users unable to log into Zenworks and blank NAL windows.

The goal is to make it so I can lose at least any 1 of the primary servers and have no impact to the end users. It would be great if we could lose ALL the primaries but one and still be able to keep my users up and running.

Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians