My Setup:
8 servers consisting of OES2sp3 and OES11. Running DSfW, Zenworks 10, NSS, CIFS, AFP, Netstorage, LDAP, iPrint, etc. About 1100 users.

Is is possible to have eDirectory authenticate a users password against an external system? My department runs its own servers but would like to use the universities user database for authentication. When I create accounts on my system they are set to the same username as the university system. What I would like is to have eDirectory verify against the university system for the password. It would be great if the universal password could be set on a successful login just in case the university system goes down. I would also need to be able to block internal only accounts (admin, services, etc) from authenticating against the university system.

The university system supports Kerberos, Central Authentication Service (CAS), SAML, and Shibboleth.

Any Ideas?