I have a S2S VPN with 2 6.5 SBS servers, BM3.8. The trees are different
but the contexts are the same. We recently reinstalled and patched the
OS (sys volume only) on the "master" server and patched OS/BM on that
server. We did not recreate the data volume. We manually recreated all
the users/groups. Each user exists on both servers.

I do not know if the issue that the CEO discovered existed prior to the
reload or not; we never noticed it prior to yesterday.

In the server login script we map a drive to the data volume on the
remote server. We control access by assigning directory rights to groups
and making users members of the appropriate group(s). We checked the
rights of the users and groups and they appear to be correct.

If a user logs in via the Netware client (Windows v4.9) to a station
that was already logged in by another user, the folders seen on the
mapped drive to the other server are those that the prior user had
rights to, not the current user. As this is a live system with an
agitated owner, we were not able to completely test all scenarios (we
assumed eDirectory corruption initially, and took a while to recreate
the problem reliably)

We did observe this situation persisting through a reboot, and we
deleted/recreated the user that was initially the issue, and the issue
now seems to be resolved if users log out of windows or reboot, but I am
alarmed since I don't think the access rights to the remote server
should survive the re-login process, and certainly not a reboot.