Environment: 2 ZCM Primary Servers 10.3.4. One standalone/external Sybase 10 server

1. While attempting to delete two Windows 7 Group Policies from the WebUI, we got the hour glass that would not go away. Checked server and both primaries were running but WebUI had crashed and ZCM was non-responsive. Couldn't log in etc. Restarted servers and was able to log back into the WebUI. One of the two policies was deleted successfully. We then attempted to delete the remaining policy and experienced the same issue until we rebooted both primary servers. Digging through the log files, I found something that may be the culprit, but don't know what to do about it:

Failed while initializing Async IO extension of Sqlite with an exception sqlite3async_initialize and stacktrace at (wrapper managed-to-native) Novell.Zenworks.Cache.Sqlite.Sqlite:sqlite3async_i nitialize (intptr,int)

I believe this error was logged right about the time we attempted to delete the policy. Any input or ideas?

As a side note, we noticed the documentation of ZCM 10 (including 10.3) does NOT specifically mention doing any db maintenance other than backing it up in the best practices section. We do back up the db nightly, but have NOT run any maintenance on it. This seems odd considering the documentation in ZCM 11 sp2, highly recommends doing regular db maintenance. We also noticed that the number of devices supported by Sybase has decreased dramatically since the original documenation. Pretty positive we read that an external Sybase db could handle up to 5000 devices (ZCM 10). In reviewing the 10.3 documentation, this number has dropped to 1500!

So, three part question:

Could this problem be due to lack of maintenance on the db and would doing the documented db maintenance possibly fix the problem?
We're looking at upgrading to ZCM 11 sp2. Is it recommended to scrap Sybase and pay the money to Microsoft and run MS SQL so we can support all our devices (we have close to3000 devices currently)?
We also noticed that virtualizing any external db is NOT supported in 11 sp2 but we could not find anything about not using virualization in the 10.3 doc. Guessing this is just how it is under 11 sp2?