For background, we have Groupwise 2012 and Vibe 3.2 running and integrated. Most people are running in cache mode and Vibe is available and searchable with Groupwise.
I notice today that when I switch to Online mode, my Vibe options are gone within Groupwise.

What may have caused this is a change to the POA's where we have setup two POA's, one to handle just C/S and nothing else including SOAP/iMAP etc. The other POA is handling maintenance indexing and SOAP connections for the mobile gateway.
(The reason we made this change is we believe the GMG is slowing up access to the POA so we did a bit of an experiment).

Now I'm trying to figure out why my Vibe option is not available when connected directly, but is available in caching mode? Have a deactivated something on the POA agent that required or it is something totally different. Reading over the docu of both Vibe and Groupwise I can't see any setup or requirements that I've missed. Can anyone provide some further insight into this?