Something, somewhere, has gone horribly wrong with our roaming profiles
and/or DLU. Symptoms are either being logged off a workstation after
getting "Novell Login succeeded" then "Preparing your Desktop" messages on
Windows 7, or being logged on with a Temporary profile in Windows 7 or XP.

Looking at the permissions of a Windows 7's c:\users folder for the user,
we see that the folder is owned and only accessible by an unknown SID.

Details for our DLU policy are:

Enable enforcement of this policy

Manage existing user account (if any)

Member of Administrators, Power users, Users

Roaming profile policy details are:

Enable Enforcement of this Policy

Store User Profile in Home directory

Up until a couple of days ago, all was well, and I'm not sure what has
changed. The policies didn't - I've been tweaking them in the intervening
couple of days to try and get them working, but it hasn't made an awful
lot of difference.

If I clear away the user's c:\user\ profile folder (requiring a lot of
Ownership-taking, and permission applying) and then clear off the profile
from the user's Home directory, I still get logged in with a temporary
profile, which isn't saved back to the Home directory.

Any ideas? I'm not sure what to chuck into Google or the Novell KB.

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